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Und jetzt gang

This is a traditional very well known folk song in the alpine regions.

There are lots of variations as far as the verses (‘Gstanzln’) are concerned. Basically it belongs to the group of ‘drinking songs’ (‘Sauflieder’) which are songs that are sung in groups refreshing on beer or stronger alcoholic drinks like ‘Schnaps’. The second part of the song again consists of jodelling syllables which are usually accompanied by a clapping/patting/clicking pattern whereby the number of clicking increases with each added verse. This leads to a lot of laughter, fun due to irritations, especially when people are already a bit tipsy and coordination starts lacking.

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F Major song

Melodic range from C3 to C4




Meter: 3/4

Tempo: Andante (≈ 100).




Two parts song (AB).




Pop version


Intro. | A | B | A | B | A | BB ||


Acoustic version


Intro. | A | B | A | B' | A | B'' ||



Und jetzt gang i ans Peters Brünnele


Und jetzt gång i ans Peters brünnele

und då trink i an Wein

und då hör i de Gug-gu

aus der Most-flå-schn schrien 



Ho-la-re, di-ri-a, ho-la-re, gug-gu 

Ho-la-re, di-ri-a, ho-la-re, gug-gu 

Ho-la-re, di-ri-a, ho-la-re, gug-gu 

Ho-la-re, di-ri-a oh


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