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Terms of use


Terms of use



What is the Cantar  Mais (Singing More) website all about?


Cantar Mais is a digital platform and a project of the Portuguese Association for Musical Education (APEM), offering free online access to a wide range of songs .All of these songs come with original arrangements and orchestrations supported by free online multimedia pedagogical resources and formal training tutorials.


 The site Cantar Mais aims to:


  •  Make singing a key element and a central experience of children and youngsters’ learning and musical activities at school, by providing them with ample enough scope and practical conditions for that experience to happen on a regular basis, as well as to reach high-standard outcomes for the benefit of each and every student’s aesthetic, artistic, social and personal development at school and within their communities.
  • Provide a plethora of multimedia, artistic and teaching resources, as well as training tutorials for educators and teachers, so that music in schools becomes key for all children and youngsters, and for the development of an enhanced national curriculum that may foster new learning opportunities and provide a wide range of artistic, musical, social and cultural experiences.
  • Encourage artistic and musical creativity inclusive of all learners within schools and communities.
  • Promote artistic and musical creativity through public presentations, closely in link with a diverse range of partner educational and cultural institutions.
  • Value and promote Portuguese language and culture through music and singing, alongside other expressive cultures, customs, knowledge and lore (by active comparison).



What kinds of information does Cantar Mais (Singing More) provide?


  • Multimedia artistic and pedagogical resources and training tutorials for the development of a music curriculum that may foster a wide range of artistic, musical, social and cultural experiences.


By navigating through Cantar Mais (Singing More, you can have access to:

  • a vast collection of songs, organised into distinct categories, namely: Traditional Portuguese, early music, “Lusophony”, that is to say, songs from other Portuguese speaking countries , ‘authored’ songs (not ‘author-driven’ songs), world music, Fado, Cante (folksongs typical of Alentejo), and musical theatre & song cycles; 
  • arrangements and/or orchestrations for every song;
  • audio recordings with three (sometimes four) optional performance versions of the songs; in other words, you may choose between “Voice and accompaniment”, “Accompaniment only” “Unsung melody and accompaniment” (whereby the melody is played on an instrument), and finally “A cappella” in quite a few cases;
    • scores of all songs; 
    • video playback of all scores;
    • musical analysis of each and every song together with a vast range of song teaching and students song learning tips and working strategies;
    •  downloadable sheet music with the individual vocal parts and/or the whole ensemble music; 
    • six tutorial videos for the “Vocal technique” workshop; 
    • glossary of musical terms and other artistic jargon used in Cantar Mais (‘Singing More’);
    •  A section on “Teaching and learning a song” where you may accede to a plethora of song teaching and learning  strategies and methodologies ; 
    • A section on research, with a selection of papers and further scholarly writings about voice & singing, artistic and music practices and performances in schools and communities;
    • The annual agenda of Cantar Mais (‘Singing More’). (This listing is subject to change, depending on how things develop all through the year, and hopefully, too, on the uploading of exciting, brand spanking new contributions from any of our “More” Community members.) 




What rules do you need to abide by to browse the Cantar Mais (Singing More) website?


a) Navigating through the Cantar Mais (Singing More) website is subject to a set of rules. These rules aim to frame the fair and proper use of the Cantar Mais website, in order to avoid all kinds of disruption, ranging from the general access of users to any other course of action that might cause harm to users or any third party.


b) Navigation on the Cantar Mais (Singing More) website is not subject to registration. However, if you would like to:

  • be kept abreast of the latest updates from Cantar Mais (Singing More),
  • create a list of favourite songs,
  • and optionally receive the Cantar Mais (Singing More) Newsletter,

you will need to register in advance.


c) When browsing the Cantar Mais (Singing More) website, please note the following rules:

  • All contents available hold copyright and related rights protection.
  • The use and reproduction of the materials available for teaching and education purposes is free, as long as they i) are solely intended for the goals of teaching and learning in schools or other educational entities, ii) do not aim at obtaining any profit or commercial benefits, and iii) the source of the contents used or reproduced is always mentioned.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to use, print, reproduce, distribute, transfer, copy and paste any of the contents available at Cantar Mais, for example, into books, journals or other printed publications, as well as other webpages, blogs, or any other digital media.
  • Do not use the contents of the Cantar Mais (Singing More) Website, in any way that is illegal, such as in association with violent content or in any social media that may encourage discrimination, for whatever reason, or in such a way that may be considered offensive, affect the sensitivity of others, and hurt their feelings.
  • Do not spread, let disseminate through, or pass onto Cantar Mais (Singing More) any viruses, files or programmes that may alter, damage or delete the available contents; also, on no account should you ever let these or any other viruses disrupt, destroy or limit the functionalities of any computer, computer system, IT equipment or apps.
  • Do not collect, store, or provide, in any format, personal information about other users.
  • Do not remove any Cantar Mais (Simging More) copyright notice, brand, logo or any other identifying elements displayed.
  • Do not use the Cantar Mais Website to convey any unsolicited or unauthorised content, for example, by sending third parties unsolicited emails in a massive and/or overly repetitious manner (SPAM).
  • The many uses of the Cantar Mais Website, namely of the contents and information available, are made at the own risk of users only, who will always be held responsible for any damage caused to their own system and/or IT equipment, as well as for any other damages or losses, resulting, for instance, from misuse of materials, misapplied information, or nefarious activities carried out through the Cantar Mais website.
  • You, and you only, are responsible for the confidentiality and security of your own password. On no account must you ever disclose your username and password to third parties or browse the internet under such conditions that will allow you on purpose to decrypt them and let third parties copy them. It goes without saying that you must immediately inform the staff responsible for the Cantar Mais website of any unauthorized use of your username and password, and please do so via our email:








Can I upload any contents on the Cantar Mais (Singing More) Website?


Not for the time being, but we are working on it. When that is implemented, you can do so by means of the channels we shall indicate for that purpose, as long as whichever data you may wish to upload is properly registered. We remind you that, essentially, the contents should have an educational character, with the recipients being pupils at any level of musical learning and enjoying different tutoring typologies.




Is The Cantar Mais (Singing More) site safe?


The Cantar Mais (Singing More) team spares no effort and leaves no stone unturned to ensure that the Cantar Mais website is available whenever you wish to use it and, very importantly, that it is safe. However, we cannot possibly guarantee 100% that the Cantar Mais (Singing More) site will always work perfectly, without interruption or without any delay, or that it is totally safe, error-free or fault-free, ever. Neither can we wholly guarantee, beyond our absolute control, that the contents of the Cantar Mais website will not contain any viruses or that any technical glitches might not occur that may damage either your computer or eventually any data that you may have stored in it.


Our Cantar Mais (Singing More) Management Team, without notice and at any time, may take the necessary steps to ensure the integrity, safety and security, continuity or certified quality of the Cantar Mais (Singing More) website, including access restrictions or limitations.



What should I do if I become aware of an illegal or offensive content on any of the Cantar Mais webpages, or rather a gross safety/security breach?


Whenever you suspiciously find that there may be contents on our website that you think are neither lawful nor appropriate, you should contact the Cantar Mais Website Management Team at .


If you believe that there is a situation of  downright security breach, or any risk to the Cantar Mais (Singing More) website, or yet if you know of someone who is in breach of these Terms of Use, you should also contact us immediately at the following email address: .



Can the Cantar Mais (Singing More) website be suspended or discontinued?


Actually, yes. The team responsible for the Cantar Mais website may at any time and without notice to users partially or totally suspend access to any section of the Cantar Mais website, especially over the course of management, maintenance, repairing, alteration or upgrading procedures; we may also partially or totally put a terminal end to any section or fraction of the Cantar Mais site.


The suspension, discontinuity or termination of the Cantar Mais (Singing More) website, for any reason, does not entitle you to receive any compensation.




Final note


Please note that by using the Cantar Mais (Singing More) website, you are accepting these Terms of Use and must therefore respect all rules in them; also, we recommend that you read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) webpage provided by Cantar Mais (Singing More).


The Cantar Mais (Singing More) Website Team may, at any time, without prior notice, and for immediate effect, modify, in whole or in part, these Terms of Use, communicating in advance the necessary changes to all registered users.


It is your duty to come back to this section ever so often to read any updates of the terms of use of Cantar Mais (Singing More), and  very importantly, you must refrain from using this website, in case you do not agree to abide by any of its rules.


These Terms of Use are governed by Portuguese law.