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Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of Cantar Mais (Singing More) i) regulates the processing of personal data collected through the Cantar Mais (Singing More) website (, ii) is applicable to any user of the Cantar Mais (Singing More) site, whether or not s/he is registered, and iii) complies with the General Data Protection Regulation.
In the records of users, the following data are collected:

- Name;

- Phone contact (optional)

- E-mail address (so that you can visit the website as a registered user and thus be able to access all the contents available; and also so that we can send you all sorts of authorized documentation and communications, as well as the APEM newsletter, if you tick or indicate preference for the latter);

- Professional occupation (so that we can create appropriate materials for the activities of those who use our resources);

- Residence district and institution/company where he/she lives and/or works (so that we can plan and provide activities and training schemes closer to your whereabouts).


Personal data may also be collected from users who send messages with questions or requests for information. In this case, only the user's email address is collected for the purpose of clarifying the question or responding to the request.

 We use your data only to help us design and disseminate more appropriate, relevant and interesting materials and to protect the safety of our users. We neither rent, nor sell your data to anyone.

When you use our services, we are instantly entrusted with your data, and rest assured that we shall be constantly working to protect you from fraud, abuse and unauthorized access.
As a registered user, you can have access to all the resources and functionalities of the site. Users have the option to log into the Cantar Mais (Singing More) website using their own registration data, i.e. "start session" (or “log in”). Cantar Mais (Singing More) also uses cookies to identify the user as a registered user whenever a new visit to the website takes place within 3 months, and allows you to stay logged in during that period.
During the first visit to the site a pop-up message will appear at the top of the screen, letting the user know the basics about the use of cookies. You may subsequently delete the cookies history stored in your browser.


This site also uses Google Analytics, a web data analytical service provided by Google, a Google combined analytical application and tool, that allows website and app owners to be aware of their interaction with available resources. Google Analytics might use certain cookies for data collection and website usage statistics, without ever collecting information that may make individual users identifiable by Google.

If users access other sites from the Cantar Mais website, in particular via hyperlinks, their personal data may be collected and processed by those sites. However, since these are external to the Cantar Mais (Singing More) website, our Privacy Policy shall not apply to such cases.

Cantar Mais (Singing More) does not share the personal data of users of the site with external entities, unless it is required by law or court decision. Cantar Mais (Singing More) will bend over backwards and spare no effort to protect the personal information provided by users, and to ensure that their personal data will be safely collected and kept.


In accordance with applicable law, the holder of data may i) request access to any personal data of hers/his at all times, ii) ask for rectification, deletion or limitation of data processing, iii) request portability or iv) oppose to the processing of any of his/her data, by sending us a message to our e-mail address or writing us a letter addressed to


APEM  Portuguese Association for Music Education

Praça António Baião 5B R/C Loja
1500-712 Benfica


You can obtain confirmation of any processed personal data, alongside having access to them; unless there are legal restrictions, we shall provide you with a copy of the data processed by Cantar Mais for that purpose.


By both means mentioned above, you have the lawful right to withdraw your consent for the processing of data for which consent constitutes precisely the basis of legitimacy. To this end, you can always withdraw your consent at any moment, however, this will not invalidate any processing carried out up to that moment, on the basis of the consent previously given. Regarding the processing of your data for our sending you newsletters, in every communication on this score, Cantar Mais (Singing More) will always provide you with a link through which you can withdraw your consent.


This privacy policy is in force since 25 May 2018..
Cantar Mais (Singing More) reserves the right to modify or simply update its contents, in whole or in part, in order to comply with new legislation that may apply and be in force at any time. Cantar Mais (Singing More) will inform you of these changes as soon as they are introduced, for they will actually be binding as soon as they are published on  Therefore, you should check our Privacy Policy periodically, in order to become aware of the most up-to-date version of it, especially as far as the treatment of your personal data carried out by Cantar concerned.