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Cantar mais

Community +

The "Mais" (More) Community is the name our Team made up to include in our project anyone with a free online CANTAR MAIS (Singing More) registration. So the idea here is to encourage all users of our website to be active participants in the development and improvement of the project, as well as to help us to foster a truly widespread use and to reach a high circulation rate of CANTAR MAIS (“SINGING MORE”); in other words, we long for everyone’s contribution to the enhancement of its artistic and educational potential. 


Upon the approval of our advisory panel, all contributions and supporting resources received by the Cantar Mais (“Singing More”) Team will be shared in this section of the site.

Again, we really would like this to be a data-rich tool and ideally a fabulous virtual setting for sharing a great many other songs, as well as lively training strategies and creative ideas for everybody to learn and perform them.

Depending on the feasibility conditions and our Team's possibilities, we shall endeavour to find the best means for all approved proposals (plus the supporting materials) to be shared in our website.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to register for a free Cantar Mais (“Singing More”) account


A: This is quite simple.  Click on Register and fill in every item in the form provided. You will also need, of course, to create and save your own access data: e-mail and password.


Q.: Begin Session

A.: Your e-mail and password is all that it takes to log onto to Cantar Mais and instantly begin your session.


Q.: what can you find, exactly, at Cantar Mais (Singing More)?



  • a vast collection of songs, organised into distinct categories, namely: Traditional Portuguese, early music, “Lusophony”, that is to say, songs from other Portuguese speaking countries , ‘authored’ songs (not ‘author-driven’ songs), world music, Fado, Cante (folksongs typical of Alentejo), and musical theatre & song cycles; 
  • arrangements and/or orchestrations for every song;
  • audio recordings with three (sometimes four) optional performance versions of the songs; in other words, you may choose between “Voice and accompaniment”, “Accompaniment only” “Unsung melody and accompaniment” (whereby the melody is played on an instrument), and finally “A cappella” in quite a few cases;
    • scores of all songs; 
    • video playback of all scores; 
    • musical analysis of each and every song together with a vast range of song teaching and students song learning tips and working strategies;
    •  downloadable sheet music with the individual vocal parts and/or the whole ensemble music; 
    • six tutorial videos for the “Vocal technique” workshop; 
    • glossary of musical terms and other artistic jargon used in Cantar Mais (‘Singing More’);
    •  A section on “Teaching and learning a song” where you may accede to a plethora of song teaching and learning  strategies and methodologies ; 
    • A section on research, with a selection of papers and further scholarly writings about voice & singing, artistic and music practices and performances in schools and communities;
    • The annual agenda of Cantar Mais (‘Singing More’). (This listing is subject to change, depending on how things develop all through the year, and hopefully, too, on the uploading of exciting, brand spanking new contributions from any of our “More” Community members.) 


  • Q .: How can I contact the Cantar Mais  (“Singing More”) Team? 





Workshops at Cantar Mais (“Singing More”)